2018-2019 Staff

2018-2019 Staff Sometimes, Change Is What Is Needed Change is the act or instance of making or becoming different, no one likes it, especially when it’s about a big aspect of life, such as changing schools. Mikayla Delaney started preschool at a private school full of restrictions and constraints then transitioned to a public high school full of strangers and new possibilities. “I feel like … Continue reading 2018-2019 Staff

“Sorry, we’re closed.”

The United States Government shut down Saturday, January 20, starting at midnight in the Eastern Time Zone. The shutdown was due to failure to pass legislation that would fund government agencies and operations. “What causes a government shutdown?” some may question. A government shutdown happens when a spending bill has expired, and Congress cannot come to an agreement on how to fund the government. Just … Continue reading “Sorry, we’re closed.”