IMG_5215“Maya Sims” is a senior and a second year staff member of The Urbandale Times. Maya plans to attend Columbia College Chicago to study journalism next fall. Maya wholeheartedly believes that oppression stems from ignorance; and because knowledge is power, Maya believes education can end oppression. Maya plans to use her writing to educate and help make the world a better place.

IMG_5517 “Bailey Crow” is a junior at Urbandale High School. She became a staff member of The Urbandale Times in January of 2017. She is looking to attend the University of Texas at Austin to study physical therapy in the fall of 2019. She enjoys binge watching The Office and The Royals. She loves to spend time with her people, but her cats, Schotzi and Gabby, and her dog, Sadie, hold a special place in her heart.

Blake Davis“Blake Davis” is a junior at Urbandale High School who spends time cooking and having fun. His most embarrassing moment in school was jumping over the table and not making it. His greatest accomplishment was when the J-Hawks were named District Champions for football and went to the playoffs during the 2017 season. He is a second year staff member of The Urbandale Times.


“Raj Oberoi” is a senior at Urbandale High School and has been part of the staff of The Urbandale Times for two years and helped launch the publication in 2017. After he graduates, he plans to attend Iowa State University. His interests include reading, writing, and playing soccer. Raj believes in being politically and socially active and that everyone can change the world.

IMG_5519“Amber Geller” is a senior that plans on interning with missionaries in Cuzco, Peru in the fall and spreading joy in all her endeavors. When she is not writing for The Urbandale Times or her personal blog, Amber can be found behind the lense of her camera where she creatively documents her life and the serenity of nature. Amber lives her life by a simple motto: to educate and empower. She is a firm believer that love is still the most powerful force on the planet.


“Sami Miller” is a junior at Urbandale High School. It is her second year on The Urbandale Times staff. She participates in gymnastics, Iowa Elite, competitive cheer, dance, and soccer. She enjoys all kinds of pasta and loves tacos. In her free time, Sami likes going shopping, spending time with friends, and eating at B-Bops. She hopes to attend Iowa University after graduation to study Financial Advising. Sami has a passion for reading and her favorite author is James Patterson.


“Alex Economos” is a student at Urbandale High School and a writer for The Urbandale Times. Alex plays sports for the school, and often plays games like frisbee golf and ping pong. Alex enjoys drawing and photography, but especially likes going on a thrift shopping spree. Alex encourages everyone to keep an open mind, while finding confidence in putting yourself out there.