Cats With Jobs

For nearly twenty years, Stubbs the cat held the position as mayor to the Alaskan town of Talkeetna. He was elected after the town’s residents rejected the human candidates. Talkeetna residents have stated that Stubbs was the best mayor in the town’s history.

Browser was hired at a Texas public library when they began having rodent problems six years ago. Along with pest control, the lovable feline spends his days being read to by children, napping, and attending the library’s GED program. He was even awarded an honorary diploma.

Felicette, a tuxedo cat from the streets of paris was the first cat in space. Felicette, nicknamed “Astrocat” took flight on October 24th, 1963. She flew approximately 130 miles above the Earth and returned just fifteen minutes later. Felicette survived her trip and went on to contribute to numerous studies regarding aviation and brain waves.

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