Traffic Crisis at UHS

Everyday hundreds of students arrive to Urbandale High School by car.  Some kids drive and others ride with friends, but they all wind up in the same place, the parking lot.

The UHS parking lot holds roughly 406 cars with the additional pool lot holding about 120.  This combined total of 526 spaces isn’t nearly enough space for all of the teachers and students that drive.  With such little capacity, other students who can’t find spaces have to park on other blocks or streets near the school and then walk the rest of the way.

In an interview the head secretary of UHS, Mrs. Bergman said, “It’s not big enough,” in reference to the size of the parking lot.

When students (anonymous) were asked what they thought about the parking lot they had said the following, “I sometimes can’t find spots and have to park at lions park, it sometimes makes me late.”  

Another student stated, “It’s just too crazy, I’ve seen accidents first hand because of all the traffic that there is.”

This goes to show that there needs to be more parking spaces for students to park in.  Currently the amount of space provided just clearly isn’t enough. The traffic has been so bad that it’s to the point where accident have even occurred due to the heavy flow of vehicles.  The UHS staff should further look into possible solutions for the lack of space, possibly even increasing the size of the parking lot, overall.

In addition to the limited space of the parking lot there are still more problems that face the lot, traffic.  As the school day ends everyday, the entirety of the school is trying to get back home all at the same time. With hundreds of students all getting in their cars at the same time, it creates a large pile up of cars trying to leave.  The UHS parking lot only has three exits that you can leave through, one of them being a stoplight that students would have to wait for to be green to actually be able to leave.

“The lines are too long,” says Joshua Gaye, a student at UHS.  “It’s too cramped, they need to make more exits.”

The parking lot may be overlooked by many, but in general it affects most of the students that go here.  That is why fixing the problems that face the lot should be more of a priority to the school to have these problems solved.  Until then, the UHS parking lot will just have to keep getting piled up with traffic, waiting for changes to be made.

The UHS parking lot packed full of vehicles

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