Longs Lines and Little Time

This year at Urbandale High School there have been some changes.  One of these biggest changes is the lunchtime schedule. In previous years there have been three different divided lunches, as of the 2018- 2019 school year it has been reduced to two.  This change has come due to the creation of the Intervention, Extension, and Study hall (IES) program that was created this year as well.

The IES program was created in order for kids to have some time to catch back up on school work or to learn more about an extracurricular activity.  In order to have the time to fit this program into the school day, time has had to be taken out from lunch as well as no connections on Monday’s, Tuesday’s, and Friday’s.  The main problem with this is that the school lunches have been decreased, making the lunchroom more crowded than ever. The entire school has been divided into two lunches, resulting in longer lunch lines and less options for where you get to sit.

To counter these problems at UHS, more tables have been added for students to sit at during lunch.  This year there has also been an additional a la carte line to allow students to go through different lines to get food faster.  The new program that took time out from lunch has also been successful at helping give students the time they need to finish assignments and retake tests.  Even though the lunchroom is a little busier now than ever before to the point where it’s crowded, it is not all bad considering the positive outcome that comes out of it.

So far this year has been a bit different than how it used to be, with many people having their own opinions about these new changes.  I personally think that the students of UHS would have been fine without the IES program, but with it being additional time in the day to get things done I’m sure there are some kids who benefit from it.  It is only a matter of time before it is known how effective the IES program really is and until then we will just have to wait and decide for ourselves.

Urbandale High School Students
eating in a crowded lunchroom

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