IES; is a mess

Is IES an effective way to raise grades throughout Urbandale High School. Last year grades were so low that UHS came up with IES (Intervention Extension Study Table) in an effort to raise grades through the school. So far people have mixed feeling about it.

“IES is garbage and a waste of time,”said Luke Lanigan, Junior.

For me, I think IES doesn’t help because it’s more about people’s mindsets. You can draft them and give them work to help improve their grades, but that doesn’t mean they will do the work. It’s like the saying, “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.” This is how I think of IES just because it’s available doesn’t mean it’s going to work.

For some people that are in band of chorus they may like IES because it gives them extra time to work. But for the most part those people are already dedicated students and already have good grades. For less dedicated students many of them just skip IES anyway; so it doesn’t make a difference because they aren’t even there to learn. For me IES is super boring because there isn’t a lot of subjects that I enjoy enough to do an extension on, and I never get drafted into classes so I just sit around in a study table and wait for my next class.

“Teachers don’t teach; that’s the problem,” said Jacob Brechtel, junior.

I think this is somewhat true if you just give students work they can just mess around and not do the work so it doesn’t help in that way either. I’d rather be in connections and it also takes away time from our third lunch.

IES is bad because it only allowed time for two lunches, and that causes the lunch line to be super clogged up and causes a long wait to get lunch. It also causes seating problems for the lunch room to the point where they have had to set up more chairs and tables for the lunch room just for everyone to sit. All the people in the line also causes a safety issue, if there was a fire it would be hard for everyone

to get out of the lunch room efficiently, and with all the people

in the line that would be a  problem if everyone got trapped

inside the servery.

the lunch line can get crowded

Overall I don’t think IES is benefiting the school, with IES I don’t think there will be a change in grades because it’s more about people’s work ethic. Nor do I think people will even show up to IES or participate in the activities that are in IES. IES also cuts down time that we used for our third lunch; this is important because the new lunch line and configuration is a disaster because it poses a safety risk and also we had to set up new seats and more tables just so everyone can get a spot to sit at lunch. So overall I don’t think having 25 minutes IES is worth all this extra hassle and I don’t think it’s effective.

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