Creating Something Where There is Nothing

With all the hussle, stress, and cold weather of the winter season, there is some excitement in the air, and that is Show Choir. The Show Choir season is starting to kick off and the students involved are ecstatic. Show Choir is a popular extracurricular activity at Urbandale High School with groups that have been practicing since August. And the groups of Studio and Vitality are searching for gold this year when they compete in a few months.

These groups at Urbandale High School have been working hard with two practices a week and multiple choreography sessions that take many hours to master. But after all the practicing the season finally kicks off at the Show Choir preview show on December 15th at 1:00 for Studio and the 16th at 4:00 for Vitality. Shortly after is the competition season where the groups travel to different schools to compete for gold. This year both groups are competing at the UNL Midwest Cup in Lincoln, Nebraska, SHOWZAM! in Johnston, Raise the Roof in Cedar Rapids, and The Choral Classic in Wheaton, Illinois. The directors are very excited to head to different, out of state competitions this year for the performers to experience something different and more diverse than normal.

Show Choir is more than just dance moves and steps though, it is also time for making friends and relationships. Students included in activity spend a lot of time together and it is an easy way to make friends with unlikely people. Students involved really do agree it is not just an extracurricular activity but it is a family.

The Performing Arts Center is the heart of the Music Program at Urbandale High School, where students put in many hours of hard work

Sydney Showman, Urbandale senior said, “The fact that we are a family and perform together just makes me a better person”.

Show Choir allows students to express themselves and do what they love to do. Show choir is important because it can help students by making relationships that can support them throughout their high school years. It is also important because it is not always about winning, students just like being in a group that just have fun together and have eachothers backs.

The choirs are directed by Ted Brimeyer and Chris Connor. Studio is directed by Mr. Brimeyer and Vitality is directed by Mr. Connor. The directors are very passionate about their groups and work very hard to ensure a successful season. Mr. Brimeyer has been directing show choir for about twelve years.

“When we are together and rehearse we actually create. We create something where there is nothing, which you can’t do in the real world… And to me that is extraordinary.”

Show Choir takes a lot of work, discipline, and effort but is and can be a very valuable and rewarding experience for anybody. If you have any questions about show choir or any choral music related questions you can ask Mr. Brimeyer, Mr. Connor, or any of the other choral directors.

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