Sports: Helping Students?

How can a sport help the average student to the star athlete?  Students who choose to participate in football, volleyball, swimming, and or track and field, etc, will find many benefits by participating. The student no longer represents themselves on the field, court, or track but they bring with them; the pride and expectations of their school. When the team or individual displays a winning … Continue reading Sports: Helping Students?

Intervention for IES?

Why IES?  Some see this time and think, oh no, while others see this time and say, “Oh yeah.”  There are many mixed emotions about IES, and every student should have a say in their time spent at school. There are, certainly, different perspectives found in every room, house, and building, but the facts never change.  The fact is this, IES was a student committee … Continue reading Intervention for IES?

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Creating Something Where There is Nothing

With all the hussle, stress, and cold weather of the winter season, there is some excitement in the air, and that is Show Choir. The Show Choir season is starting to kick off and the students involved are ecstatic. Show Choir is a popular extracurricular activity at Urbandale High School with groups that have been practicing since August. And the groups of Studio and Vitality … Continue reading Creating Something Where There is Nothing

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Traffic Crisis at UHS

Everyday hundreds of students arrive to Urbandale High School by car.  Some kids drive and others ride with friends, but they all wind up in the same place, the parking lot. The UHS parking lot holds roughly 406 cars with the additional pool lot holding about 120.  This combined total of 526 spaces isn’t nearly enough space for all of the teachers and students that … Continue reading Traffic Crisis at UHS

UHS Is Off To The Polls!

The midterm elections were only a few weeks ago and people are still celebrating their wins and recovering from their losses. In fact, some elections continued days after many results were sent in, such as the gubernatorial races in Florida and Georgia. While the midterms were in its beginning, middle, and end stages, government classes at Urbandale High School were in full swing discussing the … Continue reading UHS Is Off To The Polls!

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Longs Lines and Little Time

This year at Urbandale High School there have been some changes.  One of these biggest changes is the lunchtime schedule. In previous years there have been three different divided lunches, as of the 2018- 2019 school year it has been reduced to two.  This change has come due to the creation of the Intervention, Extension, and Study hall (IES) program that was created this year … Continue reading Longs Lines and Little Time

Denial For Finals

This year at Urbandale High School, it was announced by the school that the student’s 1st semester finals would take place after winter break and students have not taken the news lightly. In past years, finals were the week before winter break but changed due to school starting later than usual. Lots of people have complained and disliked the decision. Many students have wondered if … Continue reading Denial For Finals

The Dress Code – Is It Targeting One Gender?

The Urbandale High School dress code states; “Students are expected to dress and groom themselves in a way that is not offensive or distracting to students and/or staff.” This is a simple and normal way to start a school’s dress code. However, some of the specifications on what students can and cannot wear seem to target only one group of students, females. The school dress … Continue reading The Dress Code – Is It Targeting One Gender?