Saying Farewell

As the school year winds down, one class  at Urbandale High School is experiencing a plethora of lasts. For the class of 2018, the next two months will include prom, the last day of high school, commencement, graduation parties, and saying farewell to the past 12 years of education.

Screen Shot 2018-04-18 at 10.11.26 AM
The Class of 2018’s senior photo.

UHS seniors have all sorts of feelings about their last two months of high school – anything from sad, to angry, to excited. One senior, Kayla Nguyen, explained how she has been feeling during these last few months of high school. “Everything is hitting me like a truck. I honestly felt like it was January last week.” When asked if she was going to miss high school, Nguyen responded, “Honestly, as much as I hate school work, I am going to miss high school. I am going to miss my teachers that have helped me find my way and I’m going to miss my friends that are moving away. Definitely won’t miss the stress, but sad that I won’t be able to stress with the same people.” Many seniors feel similar to Nguyen. “It’s bittersweet,” says senior, Emily DeDoncker. “I’m looking forward to the future, but I’ll miss the aspects that high school has to offer like friends and sporting events.”

Screen Shot 2018-04-18 at 10.12.01 AM
Urbandale High School’s wall of senior class photos.

While some seniors are feeling mixed emotions about the conclusion of their high school career, others are more than ready to be done. When asked how they felt about there being two months left of high school, senior, Semir Sehic, responded, “Relieved because I’m outta here. My favorite part of high school was the weekends and holidays.” Another senior, Brandon Reed, simply responded by saying, “Bored.”

The end of high school can mean many things for seniors. There are endless paths to take after high school: attending a four year college, attending community college, working, traveling, and an infinite number of other options. Whatever path they may take, the class of 2018 is ready for whatever else the world has in store for them.

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