Pennies: Worthwhile?

Amidst the political storm that has been plaguing the news cycles, one debate has been lost: Is the penny worth it? As of 2016, it costs the U.S. Mint 1.5 cents to produce just one penny. This has made many skeptical of just why the United States continues to produce the penny. While some think the penny should be forgotten about, others maintain the idea that losing the penny will create major problems with pricing and taxes.

Urbandale High School junior, Olivia Davison.

When asked how she felt about the penny, Urbandale High School junior, Olivia Davison, replied, “I think that’s a waste of money. That’s stupid. To be honest, I don’t even use pennies. If the total is four dollars and one cent, I’m just going to give them five dollars.” Other students at Urbandale High School agree with Davison. “I don’t really like them,” replied senior, Isaac Erbes. “I take them and put them in a jar and don’t do anything with them. Every year I turn them in and generally have around ten dollars,” explained Erbes.

When asked if he would pick up a penny if he saw one, senior, Luke Patzner responded, “Oh no. Not worth my time. If we lived in the 1950s, I’d probably pick them up. We live in 2018 and nothing costs under a dollar.”

Urbandale High School seniors, Luke Patzner, Isaac Erbes, and Ben DeKruyf.

Students at Urbandale High School are not the only ones who think the penny is not worth America’s time and money. Economics teachers, Anne LaPietra and Joanne Hale, gave their opinions on the matter. “It would save the government money. Most people throw pennies away. Every penny adds up!” exclaimed LaPietra. Joanne Hale however, claimed to be down “the middle of the road.” “It’s pretty,” said Hale. “It’s shiny. Abraham Lincoln is on it, but he’s also on the five dollar bill.”

While the debate regarding the penny will continue on, the conclusion from Urbandale High School is clear: the penny is not worthwhile.

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