Conscious Consumption

As high school students, it is not easy being aware of how one’s everyday purchases impacts the world. A wave of “conscious consumerism” is gaining popularity in a world of ever evolving consuming practices. From buying food, to school supplies, to the newest Supreme release, one’s everyday purchases can and will affect the world. This simple idea of consumerism could dramatically change the world. The … Continue reading Conscious Consumption

The Grassroots

A key part to American politics is the idea that every citizen should have the ability to change our nation. Recently, residents of Urbandale had the opportunity to shape Iowa’s political future. On Monday, February 6, 2018, the Urbandale Caucuses were held for the Republican, Democrat, and Libertarian parties. Anne La Pietra, a government teacher at Urbandale High School, explained the purpose of the caucuses. … Continue reading The Grassroots