The Newly Renovated Olmsted Elementary

In December of 2019, the Urbandale Community School District approved the demolition and renovation of Olmsted Elementary. Originally built in 1952, the school building was old and outdated. In June of 2019, the school was demolished in order to start the reconstruction of the school. The UCSD predicts that the new school will be able to accommodate up to 650 students. Construction started in June … Continue reading  The Newly Renovated Olmsted Elementary

UCSD’s New Superintendent

On December 20, 2020, UCSD board president Katherine Howsare had the privilege of announcing UCSD’s new superintendent, Rosalie Daca. Ms. Daca is currently the Chief Academic Officer in the Racine Unified School District in Racine, Wisconsin, but will start her duties as UCSD’s new superintendent on July 1, 2021. After the announcement of Superintendent Steve Bass’ retirement in September, the UCSD board started seeking input … Continue reading UCSD’s New Superintendent

How COVID Influenced Change At School

It is a known fact that despite everything that has been altered by the COVID-19 pandemic, schools were hit the hardest. Students, teachers, and parents were not ready for the transition to online learning when the pandemic hit, almost out of nowhere. During spring break of March 2020, most Americans had become aware of the newfound virus, but were still unsure of its severity. School … Continue reading How COVID Influenced Change At School

Reynolds COVID Restrictions

With COVID-19 being something that has been plaguing not only health, but also day to day lives. The United States and individual states have created regulations to prevent the rapid spread of the virus. On Sunday, February 7th, Iowa’s Governor, Kim Reynolds lifted the COVID-19 mask regulations, limitations on restaurant capacity, sporting events, and restrictions on gyms.  This has caused misinformation on where people can … Continue reading Reynolds COVID Restrictions

Never Surrender

April ninth through the eleventh, the Iowa National Guard will be holding a competition and basic training simulation on Camp Dodge.  The Competition will be between all the Recruit Sustainment Companies in the state to see which company is the best. “Never Surrender” as my recruiter Joshua Wine SFC and the rest of RSP A Co says at the end of every drill. This means … Continue reading Never Surrender

Urbandale Girls Varsity Basketball

 In the past year the Urbandale Girls Basketball Team has faced many challenges, through going through a global pandemic, losing 3 of the 5 starters, two players tearing their ACLs this past summer, as well as gaining a new coaching staff. Although, there were two returning junior varsity coaches Dani Breon and Ty Sharon. Ty Sharon has been a part of the Urbandale Girls Basketball … Continue reading Urbandale Girls Varsity Basketball

UHS’s New Club Against Racial Inequality

UHS’s newest organization is CORE (community of racial equity) and its members are striving towards a more just and welcoming environment. CORE plans on fundraising, completing community projects and educating on racial injustices.   The group was brought to UHS by Kenji Backman and Mercy Barikor with the help of Ms. Hansen and Mrs. Hosley. Also involved in CORE, is Ryan Willamson, the coordinator for equity … Continue reading UHS’s New Club Against Racial Inequality

The Urbandale Girls Basketball Game

 On February twenty fifth, the Urbandale Varsity Girls Basketball team traveled to Waterloo West High School to play a class 5A state basketball tournament game. Game tip off was at seven PM.  With five minutes and three seconds left in the first quarter Urbandale took a quick lead of 8-0. Through the rest of the first quarter Waterloo was able to make up the difference … Continue reading The Urbandale Girls Basketball Game